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If you're a will-writer, estate planner, IFA, or solicitor then please read on...

One way that the NFFD is helping to safeguard funeral directors is through its endorsement and promotion of Safe Hands Funeral Plans. Each Safe Hands Funeral Plan sold secures future business for the funeral directors to whom they are allocated.

In addition to offering some of the UK's most affordable (if not, the most affordable) funeral plans available on today's market. We also offer market-leading FREE TRAINING designed to teach will writers, estate planners, IFA's and solicitors, how to sensitively, but effectively, sell funeral plans in volume but without impacting negatively on their core areas of business.

Benefits of selling Safe Hands Funeral Plans include:

  • Safe Hands' products are acknowledged to be amongst the most affordable - if not THE most affordable - funeral plans available on the UK market today.
  • Safe Hands agents are all offered fantastic free sales training, designed specifically to teach them how to sensitively, responsibly, and effectively, sell plans in volume.
  • Clients Monies are held in a ring-fenced trust fund and are released upon death of the client then paid directly to the funeral director tasked with conducting the funeral (within 24 hours or receipt of death certificate).
  • Safe Hands do not 'claw' back commissions on plans that cancel after the client's 28 day cooling off period.
  • Safe Hands' cancellation rates currently stand at less than 1% (surely the lowest in the industry).
  • Safe Hands introducers receive greater commission than they would from most - if not, all other plan providers. They do not unwittingly share their commissions (by way of hidden over-riders) with regional sales managers or any other parties.

If you would like to become an Agent for Safe Hands, please click here.

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