Our mission is to ensure that families are kept sufficiently informed regarding funeral processes and options. With funeral costs rising at a disproportionate rate compared to other industries, we have taken a tough stance to assist both funeral directors and families together.

When arranging a funeral, relatives are often distracted and have their minds on family matters only. Therefore they can be understandably vulnerable, so it’s imperative for families to shop around even when they really don’t feel like it as there is usually a much better, more affordable, option than just walking into your local funeral directors and asking for help.

The NFFD offers members many benefits, currently free of charge, designed to assist them in reducing their overheads and, ultimately, the cost of their funeral services.

In addition to their work with funeral directors, the NFFD also offers families 24/7 access for help and advice regarding arranging a funeral.

Also, the NFFD’s Fair Price Charter gives families access to funeral directors who’ve confirmed their ability to conduct a basic cremation for £3200 or less.

Finally, one great way of ensuring that your funeral costs are covered is to buy a pre-paid funeral plan. The NFFD endorse Safe Hands – one of the UK’s most recognised and affordable funeral plan providers.

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NFFD Member Benefits are:

We Endorse

  • Funeral Directors Register
  • Fair Price Charter
  • Gone too Soon Online Memorial Website
  • Safe Hands Funeral Plans


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