Fair Price Charter.

Fair Price Charter

Making Funeral Costs Fair

Back in 2013, “funeral poverty” has become a widely discussed topic in media and politics. Here at the NFFD, it is our belief that some funeral directors have, for too long, charged disproportionately for their services. Whilst we cannot and will not dictate to funeral directors what they should charge, we can offer consumers a financial guideline to work with.

Our Fair Price Charter is designed to showcase the many conscientious, ‘fair priced’ funeral directors who have confirmed to us their ability to conduct a standard cremation service (including disbursements) for £3200 or less – a figure which, we believer, represents a ‘fair’ deal for both consumers and funeral directors in equal measure.


Included in the cost would be:

  • Disbursements *
  • Standard Veneered Coffin - Funeral Directors can purchase for well under £80
  • 24 hour Collection within 20 miles
  • Preparation of deceased
  • Arranging of the funeral service
  • Chapel of rest viewing (during office hours)
  • Supply of 2 Bearers

Not included:

  • Church Service prior to Crematorium service
  • Flowers
  • Newspaper Obituary – We suggest you do it for free at www.gonetoosoon.org
  • Urn for Ashes
  • Additional Bearers

As you see from above, most of the work involved in arranging a standard cremation is time. Standard, Veneered Coffins can be very low in price so please think carefully before spending hundreds, or thousands, on an upgraded coffin.

*To include Cremation Fee, Dr Fee and Minister Fee (prices may vary)

Cremation Fee £720
Dr Fee £164 (currently exempt in Scotland)
Minister Fee £180

In addition, all Fair Price Charter Members are shown displaying the badge. Those funeral directors who are members of NFFD can also be easily found as they show the NFFD Approved Funeral Director Badge. So, the next time you are unfortunate enough to need a funeral director’s services, find your local NFFD member via www.funeraldirectorsregister.com

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