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Leave a Tribute to your Loved Ones

In the UK, it’s traditional to post obituaries in local newspapers to announce the death of lost loved ones.

The NFFD has now linked up with one of the World’s largest on-line memorial websites (gonetoosoon.org), allowing individuals and families to post and share obituaries and memorandums - not just on a local level, but on a national (and international) level too! Amongst other things, the site allows you to create an online profile in memory of a lost one, on which you can post photos, leave messages, and light virtual candles – all of which can be viewed and shared through Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media.

So far, there have been some 37 million candles lit worldwide – making GoneTooSoon.org the World’s go-to resource for marking the passing of those we love!


Below is an overview of Gonetoosoon website:

Gonetoosoon Website


Why Should Funeral Directors Join Gonetoosoon?

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