Funeral Directors Register.

Funeral Directors Register

Funeral Directors Register:

Let us ask you a question – Why do people look online for reviews before going out for a burger but they don’t when looking for a funeral director to bury their loved ones? Well, the simple answer is, they do now! Funeral Directors Register, or FDR as it is more commonly known, is the UK’s go-to website for searching for reputable funeral directors.

A comprehensive list of funeral directors sorted by location and rated and reviewed by the families who have used them, FDR now attracts thousands of visitors each week. Funeral directors can use the service completely FREE of charge, they can edit their description, update their contact details and even add a profile picture. Those that utilise the service are already seeing the benefits and, more importantly, the members of the public are choosing a reputable funeral director every day.

Although the site is independent, you can easily distinguish our members from our non-members by looking out for the NFFD logo next to their name. This logo represents the funeral directors’ ethea of offering good-value services. Log on to and see where your local funeral director ranks – if they are not there or not active, why not ask them to get involved.

If you are a funeral director, simply search for your listing and click “Claim this business”.

Remember, the site relies on funeral directors to update their own listings, should any listings be out of date or incorrect, please feel free to contact us on

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