Prepaid Funeral Plans.

Prepaid Funeral Plan - Plan Ahead


  • Are you a writer of pre-paid funeral plans but tired of being handcuffed by disproportional admin fees?
  • Would you benefit from being able to access some of the plan money in advance of death to aid cash flow?

Safe Hands, the UK’s 4th largest funeral plan company now has the answer.

Our Funeral Director’s Choice Plan (FDC) allows funeral directors to plan and charge for the plan whatever they deem appropriate for the service they deliver (minimum price dependant).

Once you have submitted the paperwork, you are able to claim up to £500 in order to aid your own business growth and, ultimately, lower the need to over-charge for at-need funerals.

For more information on FDC, Safe Hands or anything to do with pre-planning, please visit or email William Eccleston here –

FREE training is available most weeks at NFFD HQ in West Yorkshire.


Unable to sell plans?

No problem!

We understand that many funeral directors are exclusively contracted to one provider or another. Firstly, we believe in customer choice so none of our 1800 + providers of Safe Hands Plans are on exclusive deals.

Not being able to offer our plans to your clients does not mean you miss out altogether.

Almost 90% of Safe Hands Plans taken out are done so with no preferred funeral director in mind. NFFD members are given priority allocation of these plans and, with thousands being purchased; it’s almost worth joining NFFD for that benefit alone.

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